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Position: Vice Clan Leader
Name: Thomas Moilanen
Email: leo@mbox303.swipnet.se
Age: 16
ICQ: 961228
Lives in: Degerfors
Drink: Quick Death
Sport: Shadow boxing
Bar: Red Tower
Babe: Charleses Bronson
Commentary: Wooha woohahahahahahaha
Is the fat santa here early this year hohohoho
Rid min shaolin raket
You kan call me O-DOG, SHAOLIN O-DOG

Computer: P MMX 166 1,3G Righteous 3D 32MB RAM
Connection: 33.6 bps modem
Controls: Mouse + keyboard
Favourite weapon: Rocketlauncher, El vapnet.

Homepage: SHaoLIN's Homepage!
Favourite homepage: Swedish Royals

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