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Loken af SR
Name: Loken af SR
Function: Clan Leader and Fragmaster
Drink: Beer
Sport: World dominance
Babe: Lots
History: Founder of SR
Homepage: more info
Description: Loken af SR is one of the most respected players in Quake with elite skills in leadership and strategy.
Shaolin af SR
Name: Shaolin af SR
Function: Vice Clan Leader
Drink: Quick Death
Sport: Shadow boxing
Babe: Charles Bronson
History: Clan warmaster
Homepage: Thomas homepage
Description: Shaolin af SR is renowned for his aggressive gaming style and is the one who always ends up in the top rank. As the name states, Shaolin is an enlightened master of the Shaolin fighting arts.
Danken af SR
Name: Danken af SR
Function: Deputy Clan Leader and Conqueror
Drink: Moët & Chandon
Sport: Golf and Hockey
Bar: Spy Bar
Babe: Hanna Graf
Homepage: more info
Description: When our clan battles seem impossible Danken af SR is the one who takes command as our frontline conqueror. Thanks to his impressive storming skills we always end up in successfull raids with enemy heads rolling.

XorS af SR
Name: XorS af SR
Function: 5 Star General
Drink: Vino de la XorS
Sport: Football
Bar: Campino =)
Babe: ingen
Homepage: XorS Hideout
Description: As a 5 star general with extreme deathmatch skills XorS af SR could alone beat the crap of a whole enemy team. Xors af SR is often seen dominating on the public deathmatch servers and is very feared by enemy clans.

Darth af SR
Name: Darth af SR
Function: Proganda and Recruitment General
Drink: B-52
Sport: Badminton
Bar: Tegnérs i Lund
Babe: Jenny McCarthy
Homepage: more info
Description: Filled with the power from the dark side Darth af SR makes his enemies feel like they were puny little maggots. As our master of propaganda Darth af SR spreads fear on all public servers.

Stork af SR
Name: Stork af SR
Function: The Headhunter
Drink: Whusk
Sport: Umeå hockey & keps
Bar: Mosebacke
Babe: Prillan
Homepage: more info
Description: Nu är det dags för en ragnar!

Gambler af SR
Name: Gambler af SR
Function: General and Graphics master
Drink: Whiskey, pure malt
Sport: Quake
Babe: Salma Hayek
Commentary: Gambler takes the Jackpot!
Homepage: The Bear's Den
Description: Where no one else dares to go, Gambler af SR enters and exists victorious. With extreme skilled daredevil manovuers he is very feared on public servers, both in Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

The Saint af SR
Name: Saint af SR
Function: Fragmaster and WarLord
Drink: Oboy
Sport: Hate sports
Bar: Tiger
Babe: Prinsessan Madeleine
Homepage: The Saints Dungeon
Description: The Saint af SR is a highly skilled one VS one player. With elite skills and perfect timings he often out runs and out manovuers his opponents with ease. The Saint is also an expert in battle tactics.

MoffeVoffen af SR
Name: MoffeVoffeN af SR
Function: The Headchopper
Drink: Stor stark
Sport: Öl hävning
Bar: G2
Babe: Salma Hayek
Homepage: more info
Description: With superior skills MoffeVoffeN af SR is often seen humiliating enemies on public servers. MoffeVoffeN is an extreme fragmaster and thrashes enemies day and night all over the world.


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