Swedish Royals


Swedish Royals Quake Clan

This is your chance to shine, like a star, twinkle twinkle

To apply to the Swedish Royals

  • You must be a part of the Swedish Royal family or close relative
  • You must have dominating skills in one vs one match ups
  • You must be a freakin fragmaster in quake
  • You must have excellent teamplay and tactics skills

  • If you answered yes to all of the above

  • Send us an e-mail with all the below questions answered
  • If you forget to answer just one question your mail will be deleted immediatley
  • If we find your application interessting we will contact you for testing
  • In our tests you will meet very different challenges and you will have to score with excellence in them all.
  • If you prove your worthyness you will have the priveledge joining as a prospect.
  • When successfully being a prospect for one month you will be dubbed as a Swedish Royal.

  • Your e-mail application must contain the following

  • Your complete name, age and where you live
  • Current and previous nicknames
  • Reason why have you chosen that nickname
  • Contact details, e-mail, icq uin and homepage url
  • Computer data, processor, memory, internet connection
  • Which are your favorite maps
  • Which clans have you previously been active in
  • Other quake qualifications, awards and references
  • Answer why you should be accepted to the Swedish Royals?

  • Email to Swedish Royals

    E-mail your application to Loken af SR

    Swedish Royals Quake Clan [af SR]
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