Swedish Royals


Swedish Royals Quake Clan

Challenge us for a clan battle

Your hunger for survival amuses us. But your Death will amuse us more.

Quake fight where all SR enemies die

Challenge us

You think you got it in ya!? Well, then you are welcome to challenge us. To do that, just write us an e-mail. In the mail you must include all matters of importance concerning your clan and the clan battle.

The following must be included in your e-mail:

  • Your name and contact details, ie, msn/icq
  • Clan name and homepage url
  • How many players
  • When and what time
  • What map you choose

    What we play

    We play original Quake 1 and QuakeWorld (QW).
    We are a modem Deathmatch clan, meaning No Low Ping Bastards.
    The best time for clan battle is weekdays after 8 PM until 3 AM.

    Do you really dare and challenge us? You will loose big time

    Swedish Royals Quake Clan [af SR]
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